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    Black Mountain Sheep Wool Insulation

    Sheep wool insulation is truly sustainable; each year over 50 million kilograms of wool are sheared in the UK alone. Black Mountain uses the waste dark coloured wool that is not required by other industries.

    Black Mountain has the most modern, energy efficient, zero waste, natural insulation factory in Europe. The embodied energy is extremely low, almost 90% lower than man-made mineral fibre insulation.

    Man made insulation can only be disposed of into landfill; no recycling system is currently in place. Whereas sheep’s wool insulation can be composted at the end of its life; this not only generates soil enriching humus but also nitrogen fertilisers.

    Care should be taken to select the correct sheep wool insulation as some other brands have very high levels of plastics incorporated – 40% or greater – and hence cannot be deemed sustainable, recyclable or biodegradable. 

    Click here to view our product page on Black Mountain Sheeps Wool Insulation, available from your local Encon branch, or download the brochure from the right of this page.