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      Ceiling Tile - Metal

    Armstrong Orcal (56CA)

    Product Description:

    Orcal is a comprehensive range of standard metal ceiling tiles and planks. All products feature a durable electrostatic polyester powder coat finish which is factory applied to galvanised steel. A variety of panel types and perforated patterns are available. Orcal Plain tiles can be used in ISO 5 cleanroom environments (former US FS 209E Class 100).



    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CAO2091M1WRT ARM 2091M S-CLIP F PLAIN 600x600 WRT (14
    56CAO9680M1WB ARM 9680M TEG 16 PLAIN 600x600 WB (16
    56CAO3811M2 ARM 3811M Q-CLIP M/PER+AF 600x600 (14
    56CAO9430M7 ARM 9430M T-CLIP F M/PER+OP 1200x300 (10
    56CAO3821M2 ARM 3821M R-CLIP S/PERF+AF 2000x400 ( 6
    56CAO9324M7 ARM 9324M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO4316M7 ARM 4316M T-CLIP F MP+OP19mm 1200x600(10
    56CAO9685M7 ARM 9685M TEG 8 M/PER+OP 19 600x600 (10
    56CAO9685M5 ARM 9685M TEG 8 M/PER+15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9685M2 ARM 9685M TEG 8 M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9685M1 ARM 9685M TEG 8 M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9684M5 ARM 9684M TEG 8 S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9684M2 ARM 9684M TEG 8 S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9684M1 ARM 9684M TEG 8 S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9683M1AB ARM 9683M TEG 8 PLAIN 600x600 AB (16
    56CAO9683M1 ARM 9683M TEG 8 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9682M5 ARM 9682M TEG 16 M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9682M2 ARM 9682M TEG 16 M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9682M1 ARM 9682M TEG 16 M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9681M5 ARM 9681M TEG 16 S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9681M2 ARM 9681M TEG 16 S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9681M1 ARM 9681M TEG 16 S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9680M1 ARM 9680M TEG 16 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9444M5 ARM 9444M TEG 2 M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9444M2 ARM 9444M TEG 2 M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9444M1 ARM 9444M TEG 2 M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9443M7 ARM 9443M TEG 2 PERF+OP 19 600x600 (10
    56CAO9443M5 ARM 9443M TEG 2 S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9443M2 ARM 9443M TEG 2 S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9443M1 ARM 9443M TEG 2 S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9442M1 ARM 9442M TEG 2 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9431M5 ARM 9431M T-CLIP F M/PER+B15 1500x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO9431M2 ARM 9431M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9431M1 ARM 9431M T-CLIP F M/PER 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9430M5 ARM 9430M T-CLIP F M/PER+B15 1200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO9430M2 ARM 9430M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9430M1 ARM 9430M T-CLIP F M/PER 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9428M2 ARM 9428M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 500x500 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9427M5 ARM 9427M BOARD M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9427M2 ARM 9427M BOARD M/PER+AF 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO9427M1 ARM 9427M BOARD M/PER 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO9420M7 ARM 9420M AXAL M/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO9420M5 ARM 9420M AXAL M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9420M4 ARM 9420M AXAL M/PER+AP 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9420M2 ARM 9420M AXAL M/PER+AF 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9420M1 ARM 9420M AXAL M/PER 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9419M4 ARM 9419M AXAL S/PER+AP 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9419M2 ARM 9419M AXAL S/PER+AF 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9419M1 ARM 9419M AXAL S/PER 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9418M1 ARM 9418M AXAL PLAIN 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9339M5 ARM 9339M M/LOOK 8 S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9339M2 ARM 9339M M/LOOK 8 S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9339M1 ARM 9339M M/LOOK 8 S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9337M7 ARM 9337M T-CLIP F M/PER+OP 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9337M5 ARM 9337M T-CLIP F M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9337M2 ARM 9337M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9337M1 ARM 9337M T-CLIP F M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9335M5 ARM 9335M BOARD S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9335M2 ARM 9335M BOARD S/PER+AF 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO9335M1 ARM 9335M BOARD S/PER 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO9334M1 ARM 9334M BOARD PLAIN 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO9325M2 ARM 9325M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9325M1 ARM 9325M M/LOOK 8 M/PER 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9324M5 ARM 9324M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9324M2 ARM 9324M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9324M1 ARM 9324M M/LOOK 8 M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9320M1WG ARM 9320M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 600x600 WG (16
    56CAO9320M1 ARM 9320M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9313M2 ARM 9313M T-CLIP F S/PER+AF 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9313M1 ARM 9313M T-CLIP F S/PER 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9312M2 ARM 9312M T-CLIP F S/PER+AF 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9312M1 ARM 9312M T-CLIP F S/PER 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9308M5 ARM 9308M T-CLIP F S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9308M2 ARM 9308M T-CLIP F S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9308M1 ARM 9308M T-CLIP F S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9305M1 ARM 9305M T-CLIP F PLAIN 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9304M1 ARM 9304M T-CLIP F PLAIN 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9301M1 ARM 9301M T-CLIP F PLAIN 500x500 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9300M1 ARM 9300M T-CLIP F PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4835M2 ARM 4835M TEG 8 M/PER+AF 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4835M1 ARM 4835M TEG 8 M/PER 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4805M2 ARM 4805M TEG 16 M/PER+AF 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4702M5 ARM 4702M M/LOOK 16 M/PER+B15 600x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO4702M2 ARM 4702M M/LOOK 16 M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4702M1 ARM 4702M M/LOOK 16 M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4701M2 ARM 4701M M/LOOK 16 S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4701M1 ARM 4701M M/LOOK 16 S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4700M1 ARM 4700M M/LOOK 16 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4331M1 ARM 4331M T-CLIP F S/PER 600x600 (28 CTN.
    56CAO4330M1 ARM 4330M T-CLIP F PLAIN 600x300 (28 CTN.
    56CAO4316M5 ARM 4316M T-CLIP F M/PER+B15 1200x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO4316M2 ARM 4316M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO4316M1 ARM 4316M T-CLIP F M/PER 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO4315M2 ARM 4315M T-CLIP F S/PER+AF 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO4315M1 ARM 4315M T-CLIP F S/PER 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO4314M1 ARM 4314M T-CLIP F PLAIN 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO3809M1 ARM 3809M Q-CLIP PLAIN 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3733M2 ARM 3733M TEG 8 E/MPER+AF 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3732M2 ARM 3732M TEG 8 E/MPER+AF 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3731M2 ARM 3731M TEG 8 M/PER+AF 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3730M2 ARM 3730M TEG 8 M/PER+AF 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3728M5 ARM 3728M TEG 8 S/PER+B15 1200x300 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3728M2 ARM 3728M TEG 8 S/PER+AF 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3728M1 ARM 3728M TEG 8 S/PER 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3727M1 ARM 3727M TEG 8 PLAIN 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3726M1 ARM 3726M TEG 8 PLAIN 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3725M2 ARM 3725M M/LOOK 8 E/MPER+AF 1200x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO3723M2 ARM 3723M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3723M1 ARM 3723M M/LOOK 8 M/PER 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3722M5 ARM 3722M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+B15 1200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3722M2 ARM 3722M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3720M1 ARM 3720M M/LOOK 8 S/PER 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3719M1 ARM 3719M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3718M1 ARM 3718M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3716M5 ARM 3716M S-CLIP F E/MPER+B151200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3716M2 ARM 3716M S-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 1200x300(14 CTN.
    56CAO3715M5 ARM 3715M S-CLIP F E/MPER+B15 900x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3715M2 ARM 3715M S-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3714M5 ARM 3714M S-CLIP F M/PER+B15 1500x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3714M2 ARM 3714M S-CLIP F M/PER+AF 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3714M1 ARM 3714M S-CLIP F M/PER 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3713M5 ARM 3713M S-CLIP F M/PER+B15 1200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3713M2 ARM 3713M S-CLIP F M/PER+AF 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3713M1 ARM 3713M S-CLIP F M/PER 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3712M5 ARM 3712M S-CLIP F M/PER+B15 900x300 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3712M2 ARM 3712M S-CLIP F M/PER+AF 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3712M1 ARM 3712M S-CLIP F M/PER 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3711M2 ARM 3711M S-CLIP F S/PER+AF 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3711M1 ARM 3711M S-CLIP F S/PER 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3710M7 ARM 3710M S-CLIP F S/PER+OP 1200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3710M2 ARM 3710M S-CLIP F S/PER+AF 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3710M1 ARM 3710M S-CLIP F S/PER 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3709M5 ARM 3709M S-CLIP F S/PER+B15 900x300 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3709M2 ARM 3709M S-CLIP F S/PER+AF 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3709M1 ARM 3709M S-CLIP F S/PER 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3707M1 ARM 3707M S-CLIP F PLAIN 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3706M1 ARM 3706M S-CLIP F PLAIN 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3080M2 ARM 3080M AXAL M/PER+AF 750x750 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3074M1 ARM 3074M AXAL PLAIN 750x750 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2787M2 ARM 2787M M/LOOK 16 E/MPER+AF 600x600(16 CTN.
    56CAO2783M2 ARM 2783M TEG 8 E/MPER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2779M2 ARM 2779M TEG 16 E/MPER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2771M5 ARM 2771M BOARD E/MPER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2771M2 ARM 2771M BOARD E/MPER+AF 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO2770M2 ARM 2770M S-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO2756M5 ARM 2756M T-CLIP F E/MPER+B15 750x750(10 CTN.
    56CAO2756M2 ARM 2756M T-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 750x750 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2750M5 ARM 2750M T-CLIP F E/MPER+B151200x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO2749M5 ARM 2749M T-CLIP F E/MPER+B151500x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO2748M5 ARM 2748M T-CLIP F E/MPER+B151200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO2748M2 ARM 2748M T-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 1200x300(14 CTN.
    56CAO2744M5 ARM 2744M T-CLIP F E/MPER+B15 600x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO2744M2 ARM 2744M T-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2590M2 ARM 2590M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 750x750 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2581M2 ARM 2581M AXAL E/MPER+AF 600x300 (20 CTN.
    56CAO2580M2 ARM 2580M AXAL M/PER+AF 600x300 (20 CTN.
    56CAO2579M2 ARM 2579M AXAL S/PER+AF 600x300 (20 CTN.
    56CAO2578M1 ARM 2578M AXAL PLAIN 600x300 (20 CTN.
    56CAO2577M2 ARM 2577M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 750x750 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2576M1 ARM 2576M T-CLIP F S/PER 750x750 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2207M2 ARM 2207M M/LOOK 16 M/PER+AF 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2207M1 ARM 2207M M/LOOK 16 M/PER 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2184M5 ARM 2184M M/LOOK 8 E/MPER+B15 600x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO2184M2 ARM 2184M M/LOOK 8 E/MPER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2132M1 ARM 2132M BOARD M/PER 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO2125M2 ARM 2125M BOARD S/PER+AF 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO2125M1 ARM 2125M BOARD S/PER 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO2123M1 ARM 2123M BOARD PLAIN 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO2118M7 ARM 2118M AXAL E/MPER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO2118M5 ARM 2118M AXAL E/MPER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2118M2 ARM 2118M AXAL E/MPER&AF 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2093M5 ARM 2093M S-CLIP F M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2093M2 ARM 2093M S-CLIP F M/PER+AF 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO2093M1 ARM 2093M S-CLIP F M/PER 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO2092M5 ARM 2092M S-CLIP F S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2092M2 ARM 2092M S-CLIP F S/PER+AF 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO2092M1 ARM 2092M S-CLIP F S/PER 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO2091M1 ARM 2091M S-CLIP F PLAIN 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9320M1WB ARM 9320M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 600x600 WB (16
    56CAO3723M1WG ARM 3723M M/LOOK 8 M/PER 1200x600 WG (10
    56CAO3713M2WRT ARM 3713M S-CLIPF M/PER+AF1200x300WRT(14
    56CAO3707M1WRT ARM 3707M S-CLIP F PLAIN 1200x300 WRT(14
    56CAO9419M7 ARM 9419M AXAL S/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO2093M2WRT ARM 2093M S-CLIP F M/PER+AF600x600WRT(14
    56CAO9312M7 ARM 9312M T-CLIP F S/PER+OP 1200x300(10
    56CAO3833M ARM 3833M R-CLIP E/MPER&AF 2000x400 ( 6
    56CAO4963M1 ARM 4963M M/LOOK 8 U/MP 600x600 (16
    56CAO9300M1AB ARM 9300M T-CLIP F PLAIN 600x600 AB (16 CTN.
    56CAO3721M2 ARM 3721M M/LOOK 8 S/PER+AF 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9420M2BK ARM-9420M AXAL M/PER+AF 600x600 9005 (10
    56CAO9324M2MY ARM 9324M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 600x600MY(16
    56CAO2093M7 ARM 2093M S-CLIP F M/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO4701M2WG ARM 4701M M/LOOK 16 S/PER+AF600x600WG(16
    56CAO9335M2WG ARM 9335M BOARD S/PER+AF 600x600 WG (18
    56CAO9444M7 ARM 9444M TEG 2 M/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO9005MBK ARM 9005M CELLIO C25 600x600x37 (8) BLK CTN.
    56CAO9436M2 ARM 9436M M/LOOK 8 8 S/PER+AF 500x500(16 CTN.
    56CAO9321M1 ARM 9321M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3716M7 ARM 3716M S-CLIP F E/MPER+OP 1200x300(10
    56CAO3713M7 ARM 3713M S-CLIP F M/PER+OP 1200x300(10)
    56CAOBPST26764WG ARM 26764 M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2786M7 ARM 2786M TEG 2 E/MPER+OP19 600x600 (16
    56CAO9308M7 ARM 9308M T-CLIP F S/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO9006M ARM 9006M CELLIO C16 600x600x37 (8) WHT CTN.
    56CAO9004M ARM 9004M CELLIO C36 600x600x37 (8) WHT CTN.
    56CAO9003M ARM 9003M CELLIO C49 600x600x37 (8) WHT CTN.
    56CAO9002MBK ARM 9002M CELLIO C64 600x600x37 (8) BLK CTN.
    56CAO9002M ARM 9002M CELLIO C64 600x600x37 (8) WHT CTN.
    56CAO9300M1BF ARM 9300M T-CLIP F PLAIN 600x600 BF (16
    56CAO9427M7 ARM 9427M BOARD M/PER+OP 600x 600 (10