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      Ceiling Tile - Metal

    Armstrong Orcal (56CA)

    Product Description:

    Orcal is a comprehensive range of standard metal ceiling tiles and planks. All products feature a durable electrostatic polyester powder coat finish which is factory applied to galvanised steel. A variety of panel types and perforated patterns are available. Orcal Plain tiles can be used in ISO 5 cleanroom environments (former US FS 209E Class 100).



    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CAO2091M1WRT ARM 2091M S-CLIP F PLAIN 600x600 WRT (14
    56CAO9680M1WB ARM 9680M TEG 16 PLAIN 600x600 WB (16
    56CAO3811M2 ARM 3811M Q-CLIP M/PER+AF 600x600 (14
    56CAO9430M7 ARM 9430M T-CLIP F M/PER+OP 1200x300 (10
    56CAO3821M2 ARM 3821M R-CLIP S/PERF+AF 2000x400 ( 6
    56CAO9324M7 ARM 9324M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO4316M7 ARM 4316M T-CLIP F MP+OP19mm 1200x600(10
    56CAO9685M7 ARM 9685M TEG 8 M/PER+OP 19 600x600 (10
    56CAO9685M5 ARM 9685M TEG 8 M/PER+15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9685M2 ARM 9685M TEG 8 M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9685M1 ARM 9685M TEG 8 M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9684M5 ARM 9684M TEG 8 S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9684M2 ARM 9684M TEG 8 S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9684M1 ARM 9684M TEG 8 S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9683M1AB ARM 9683M TEG 8 PLAIN 600x600 AB (16
    56CAO9683M1 ARM 9683M TEG 8 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9682M5 ARM 9682M TEG 16 M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9682M2 ARM 9682M TEG 16 M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9682M1 ARM 9682M TEG 16 M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9681M5 ARM 9681M TEG 16 S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9681M2 ARM 9681M TEG 16 S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9681M1 ARM 9681M TEG 16 S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9680M1 ARM 9680M TEG 16 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9444M5 ARM 9444M TEG 2 M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9444M2 ARM 9444M TEG 2 M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9444M1 ARM 9444M TEG 2 M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9443M7 ARM 9443M TEG 2 PERF+OP 19 600x600 (10
    56CAO9443M5 ARM 9443M TEG 2 S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9443M2 ARM 9443M TEG 2 S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9443M1 ARM 9443M TEG 2 S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9442M1 ARM 9442M TEG 2 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9431M5 ARM 9431M T-CLIP F M/PER+B15 1500x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO9431M2 ARM 9431M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9431M1 ARM 9431M T-CLIP F M/PER 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9430M5 ARM 9430M T-CLIP F M/PER+B15 1200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO9430M2 ARM 9430M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9430M1 ARM 9430M T-CLIP F M/PER 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9428M2 ARM 9428M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 500x500 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9427M5 ARM 9427M BOARD M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9427M2 ARM 9427M BOARD M/PER+AF 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO9427M1 ARM 9427M BOARD M/PER 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO9420M7 ARM 9420M AXAL M/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO9420M5 ARM 9420M AXAL M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9420M4 ARM 9420M AXAL M/PER+AP 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9420M2 ARM 9420M AXAL M/PER+AF 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9420M1 ARM 9420M AXAL M/PER 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9419M4 ARM 9419M AXAL S/PER+AP 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9419M2 ARM 9419M AXAL S/PER+AF 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9419M1 ARM 9419M AXAL S/PER 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9418M1 ARM 9418M AXAL PLAIN 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9339M5 ARM 9339M M/LOOK 8 S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9339M2 ARM 9339M M/LOOK 8 S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9339M1 ARM 9339M M/LOOK 8 S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9337M7 ARM 9337M T-CLIP F M/PER+OP 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9337M5 ARM 9337M T-CLIP F M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9337M2 ARM 9337M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9337M1 ARM 9337M T-CLIP F M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9335M5 ARM 9335M BOARD S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9335M2 ARM 9335M BOARD S/PER+AF 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO9335M1 ARM 9335M BOARD S/PER 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO9334M1 ARM 9334M BOARD PLAIN 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO9325M2 ARM 9325M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9325M1 ARM 9325M M/LOOK 8 M/PER 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9324M5 ARM 9324M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9324M2 ARM 9324M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9324M1 ARM 9324M M/LOOK 8 M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9320M1WG ARM 9320M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 600x600 WG (16
    56CAO9320M1 ARM 9320M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9313M2 ARM 9313M T-CLIP F S/PER+AF 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9313M1 ARM 9313M T-CLIP F S/PER 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9312M2 ARM 9312M T-CLIP F S/PER+AF 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9312M1 ARM 9312M T-CLIP F S/PER 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9308M5 ARM 9308M T-CLIP F S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO9308M2 ARM 9308M T-CLIP F S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9308M1 ARM 9308M T-CLIP F S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9305M1 ARM 9305M T-CLIP F PLAIN 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9304M1 ARM 9304M T-CLIP F PLAIN 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9301M1 ARM 9301M T-CLIP F PLAIN 500x500 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9300M1 ARM 9300M T-CLIP F PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4835M2 ARM 4835M TEG 8 M/PER+AF 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4835M1 ARM 4835M TEG 8 M/PER 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4805M2 ARM 4805M TEG 16 M/PER+AF 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4702M5 ARM 4702M M/LOOK 16 M/PER+B15 600x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO4702M2 ARM 4702M M/LOOK 16 M/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4702M1 ARM 4702M M/LOOK 16 M/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4701M2 ARM 4701M M/LOOK 16 S/PER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4701M1 ARM 4701M M/LOOK 16 S/PER 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4700M1 ARM 4700M M/LOOK 16 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO4331M1 ARM 4331M T-CLIP F S/PER 600x600 (28 CTN.
    56CAO4330M1 ARM 4330M T-CLIP F PLAIN 600x300 (28 CTN.
    56CAO4316M5 ARM 4316M T-CLIP F M/PER+B15 1200x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO4316M2 ARM 4316M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO4316M1 ARM 4316M T-CLIP F M/PER 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO4315M2 ARM 4315M T-CLIP F S/PER+AF 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO4315M1 ARM 4315M T-CLIP F S/PER 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO4314M1 ARM 4314M T-CLIP F PLAIN 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO3809M1 ARM 3809M Q-CLIP PLAIN 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3733M2 ARM 3733M TEG 8 E/MPER+AF 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3732M2 ARM 3732M TEG 8 E/MPER+AF 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3731M2 ARM 3731M TEG 8 M/PER+AF 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3730M2 ARM 3730M TEG 8 M/PER+AF 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3728M5 ARM 3728M TEG 8 S/PER+B15 1200x300 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3728M2 ARM 3728M TEG 8 S/PER+AF 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3728M1 ARM 3728M TEG 8 S/PER 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3727M1 ARM 3727M TEG 8 PLAIN 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3726M1 ARM 3726M TEG 8 PLAIN 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3725M2 ARM 3725M M/LOOK 8 E/MPER+AF 1200x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO3723M2 ARM 3723M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3723M1 ARM 3723M M/LOOK 8 M/PER 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3722M5 ARM 3722M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+B15 1200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3722M2 ARM 3722M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3720M1 ARM 3720M M/LOOK 8 S/PER 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3719M1 ARM 3719M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3718M1 ARM 3718M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 1200x300 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3716M5 ARM 3716M S-CLIP F E/MPER+B151200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3716M2 ARM 3716M S-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 1200x300(14 CTN.
    56CAO3715M5 ARM 3715M S-CLIP F E/MPER+B15 900x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3715M2 ARM 3715M S-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3714M5 ARM 3714M S-CLIP F M/PER+B15 1500x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3714M2 ARM 3714M S-CLIP F M/PER+AF 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3714M1 ARM 3714M S-CLIP F M/PER 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3713M5 ARM 3713M S-CLIP F M/PER+B15 1200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3713M2 ARM 3713M S-CLIP F M/PER+AF 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3713M1 ARM 3713M S-CLIP F M/PER 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3712M5 ARM 3712M S-CLIP F M/PER+B15 900x300 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3712M2 ARM 3712M S-CLIP F M/PER+AF 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3712M1 ARM 3712M S-CLIP F M/PER 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3711M2 ARM 3711M S-CLIP F S/PER+AF 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3711M1 ARM 3711M S-CLIP F S/PER 1500x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3710M7 ARM 3710M S-CLIP F S/PER+OP 1200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO3710M2 ARM 3710M S-CLIP F S/PER+AF 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3710M1 ARM 3710M S-CLIP F S/PER 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3709M5 ARM 3709M S-CLIP F S/PER+B15 900x300 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3709M2 ARM 3709M S-CLIP F S/PER+AF 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3709M1 ARM 3709M S-CLIP F S/PER 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3707M1 ARM 3707M S-CLIP F PLAIN 1200x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3706M1 ARM 3706M S-CLIP F PLAIN 900x300 (14 CTN.
    56CAO3080M2 ARM 3080M AXAL M/PER+AF 750x750 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3074M1 ARM 3074M AXAL PLAIN 750x750 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2787M2 ARM 2787M M/LOOK 16 E/MPER+AF 600x600(16 CTN.
    56CAO2783M2 ARM 2783M TEG 8 E/MPER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2779M2 ARM 2779M TEG 16 E/MPER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2771M5 ARM 2771M BOARD E/MPER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2771M2 ARM 2771M BOARD E/MPER+AF 600x600 (18 CTN.
    56CAO2770M2 ARM 2770M S-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO2756M5 ARM 2756M T-CLIP F E/MPER+B15 750x750(10 CTN.
    56CAO2756M2 ARM 2756M T-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 750x750 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2750M5 ARM 2750M T-CLIP F E/MPER+B151200x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO2749M5 ARM 2749M T-CLIP F E/MPER+B151500x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO2748M5 ARM 2748M T-CLIP F E/MPER+B151200x300(10 CTN.
    56CAO2748M2 ARM 2748M T-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 1200x300(14 CTN.
    56CAO2744M5 ARM 2744M T-CLIP F E/MPER+B15 600x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO2744M2 ARM 2744M T-CLIP F E/MPER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2590M2 ARM 2590M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 750x750 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2581M2 ARM 2581M AXAL E/MPER+AF 600x300 (20 CTN.
    56CAO2580M2 ARM 2580M AXAL M/PER+AF 600x300 (20 CTN.
    56CAO2579M2 ARM 2579M AXAL S/PER+AF 600x300 (20 CTN.
    56CAO2578M1 ARM 2578M AXAL PLAIN 600x300 (20 CTN.
    56CAO2577M2 ARM 2577M T-CLIP F M/PER+AF 750x750 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2576M1 ARM 2576M T-CLIP F S/PER 750x750 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2207M2 ARM 2207M M/LOOK 16 M/PER+AF 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2207M1 ARM 2207M M/LOOK 16 M/PER 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2184M5 ARM 2184M M/LOOK 8 E/MPER+B15 600x600(10 CTN.
    56CAO2184M2 ARM 2184M M/LOOK 8 E/MPER+AF 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO2132M1 ARM 2132M BOARD M/PER 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO2125M2 ARM 2125M BOARD S/PER+AF 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO2125M1 ARM 2125M BOARD S/PER 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO2123M1 ARM 2123M BOARD PLAIN 1200x600 (12 CTN.
    56CAO2118M7 ARM 2118M AXAL E/MPER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO2118M5 ARM 2118M AXAL E/MPER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2118M2 ARM 2118M AXAL E/MPER&AF 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2093M5 ARM 2093M S-CLIP F M/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2093M2 ARM 2093M S-CLIP F M/PER+AF 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO2093M1 ARM 2093M S-CLIP F M/PER 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO2092M5 ARM 2092M S-CLIP F S/PER+B15 600x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO2092M2 ARM 2092M S-CLIP F S/PER+AF 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO2092M1 ARM 2092M S-CLIP F S/PER 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO2091M1 ARM 2091M S-CLIP F PLAIN 600x600 (14 CTN.
    56CAO9320M1WB ARM 9320M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 600x600 WB (16
    56CAO3723M1WG ARM 3723M M/LOOK 8 M/PER 1200x600 WG (10
    56CAO3713M2WRT ARM 3713M S-CLIPF M/PER+AF1200x300WRT(14
    56CAO3707M1WRT ARM 3707M S-CLIP F PLAIN 1200x300 WRT(14
    56CAO9419M7 ARM 9419M AXAL S/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO2093M2WRT ARM 2093M S-CLIP F M/PER+AF600x600WRT(14
    56CAO9312M7 ARM 9312M T-CLIP F S/PER+OP 1200x300(10
    56CAO4963M1 ARM 4963M M/LOOK 8 U/MP 600x600 (16
    56CAO9300M1AB ARM 9300M T-CLIP F PLAIN 600x600 AB (16 CTN.
    56CAO3721M2 ARM 3721M M/LOOK 8 S/PER+AF 1200x600 (10 CTN.
    56CAO3893M1 ARM-3893M M/LOOK 8 MESH KD100 600x600(12
    56CAO9324M2MY ARM 9324M M/LOOK 8 M/PER+AF 600x600MY(16
    56CAO2093M7 ARM 2093M S-CLIP F M/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO4701M2WG ARM 4701M M/LOOK 16 S/PER+AF600x600WG(16
    56CAO9444M7 ARM 9444M TEG 2 M/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO9436M2 ARM 9436M M/LOOK 8 8 S/PER+AF 500x500(16 CTN.
    56CAO9321M1 ARM 9321M M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 500x500 (16 CTN.
    56CAO3716M7 ARM 3716M S-CLIP F E/MPER+OP 1200x300(10
    56CAO3713M7 ARM 3713M S-CLIP F M/PER+OP 1200x300(10)
    56CAOBPST26764WG ARM 26764 M/LOOK 8 PLAIN 600x600 (16 CTN.
    56CAO9308M7 ARM 9308M T-CLIP F S/PER+OP 600x600 (10
    56CAO9300M1BF ARM 9300M T-CLIP F PLAIN 600x600 BF (16
    56CAO9427M7 ARM 9427M BOARD M/PER+OP 600x 600 (10