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    Product Range:

    Drywall Systems

    Product Type:

      Metal Sections & Profiles

    Siniat GTEC CH Stud (53CE)

    Product Description:

    Light weight non-load bearing steel sections which are installed between GTEC Fire Core board and provide the bearing surface to which board is applied.

    Part of the GTEC Shaftwall System.

    Siniat GTEC Shaftwall is a high performance fire protection system for the enclosure of shafts in multistorey buildings. These may include stairwells, lift shafts, service ducts and ventilation/air conditioning ducts. Siniat GTEC Shaftwall can also be used as a high performance independent wall lining system providing high levels of fire protection and sound insulation. Erected from one side only fire resistance is provided to both sides of the lining. Siniat GTEC Shaftwall can provide up to 120 minutes fire resistance in these applications.


    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    53CECH146B6000 GTEC CHS25146B CH SHAFT STUD 6000mm LEN.
    53CECH090B6600 GTEC CHS2590B CH SHAFT STUD 6600mm LEN.
    53CECH060B4800 GTEC CHS2560B CH SHAFT STUD 4800mm LEN.
    53CECH060B3000 GTEC CHS2560B CH SHAFT STUD 3000mm LEN.
    53CECH090B4200 GTEC CHS2590B CH SHAFT STUD 4200mm
    53CECH19060B3000 GTEC CHS1960B CH SHAFT STUD 3000mm
    53CECH19060B4800 GTEC CHS1960B CH SHAFT STUD 4800mm
    53CECH19090B4200 GTEC CHS1990B CH SHAFT STUD 4200mm
    53CECH19090B6600 GTEC CHS1990B CH SHAFT STUD 6600mm
    53CECH19146B6000 GTEC CHS19146B CH SHAFT STUD 6000mm

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