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    Product Range:

    Drywall Systems

    Product Type:

      Plasterboard - Performance

    Siniat GTEC Aqua Board (53AA)

    Product Description:

    GTEC Aqua Board is the UK's first gypsum based board for use in high humidity or wet applications, making it ideal as a tile backing board for bathrooms. GTEC Aqua Board can also be used as an external sheathing board.

    • As a tile backer for bathrooms and shower rooms.
    • For lining wet areas like swimming pools and plant rooms.
    • As a sheathing board on structural steel framed external wall infill panels.
    • As an exterior board under foam plastic insulation boards which are coated on site with the polymer or cement renders.
    • For lining unexposed eaves soffi ts and canopies.
    • For drylining any project where partitions and linings are to be fixed before the roof is on and the building is weather tight. The board does not grow black mould when wetted for a long period.
    • For lining bathroom pods, where these are manufactured off site.
    • For lining exposed roof trusses used as separating wall frames.


    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    53AAT153000 GTEC AQUA 3000x1200x15.0mmTE BOARD
    53AAT152400 GTEC AQUA 2400x1200x15.0mmTE BOARD
    53AAT1252700 GTEC AQUA 2700x1200x12.5mmTE BOARD
    53AAT1252400 GTEC AQUA 2400x1200x12.5mmTE BOARD
    53AAT1250850 GTEC AQUA 850x1200x12.5mmTE BOARD

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