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    Product Range:

    CeilingsDrywall Systems

    Product Type:

      Wood wool

    Knauf AMF Heradesign® SUPERFINE

    Product Description:

    HERADESIGN® superfine - Single layer layer magnesite-bonded wood wool acoustic panel (Fibre width 1 mm). With high quality surface structure.


    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CBEIA16120625N AMF HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 GK NATURAL
    56CBEIA16060625W AMF HD S/FINE 600x600x25 GK WHITE
    56CBEIA16060625N AMF HD S/FINE 600x600x25 GK NATURAL
    56CBEIA16060615N AMF HD S/FINE 600x600x15 GK NATURAL
    56CBEIA14120625W AMF HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 SK-04 WHITE
    56CBEIA13120625W AMF HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 AK-01 WHITE
    56CBEIA13120625P AMF HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 AK-01 PAINTED
    56CBEIA13120625N AMF HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 AK-01 NATURAL TILE
    56CBEIA131206258023 AMF-HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 AK-01 8023
    56CBEIA131206256034 AMF-HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 AK-01 6034
    56CBEIA131206255011 AMF-HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 AK-01 5011
    56CBEIA130606258023 AMF-HD S/FINE 600x600x25 AK-01 8023
    56CBEIA130606257031 AMF-HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 AK-01 7031
    56CBEIA130606255011 AMF-HD S/FINE 600x600x25 AK-01 5011
    56CBEIA161206257021 AMF HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 GK 7021
    56CBEIA160606257021 AMF HD S/FINE 600x600x25 GK 7021
    56CBEIA131206257031 AMF-HD S/FINE 600x600x25 AK-01 7031
    56CBEIA130606256034 AMF-HD S/FINE 600x600x25 AK-01 6034
    56CBEIA17120635N AMF HD S/FINE 1200x600x35 VK-10 NATURAL
    56CBEIA13120615N AMF HD S/FINE 1200x600x15 AK-01 NATURAL
    56CBEIA16120625WB AMF HD S/FINE 1200x600x25 GK WHITE & BNF