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    Product Range:


    Product Type:

      Ceiling Tile - Mineral Fibre

    Armstrong Dune eVo

    Product Description:

    In every sector, from transport to retail, and in every environment form hotels and hospitals to schools and workplaces, Dune eVo is designed to meet all your project needs. Dune eVo is 100% recyclable for never ending value and Cradle to Cradle Certified to meet your sustainability targets.


    Key Features

    • Improved aesthetics with discreet perforations, a smoother finish and a class leading fully painted whiteness
    • Fully painted, reinforced edges for a more robust tile and greater durability
    • Easy to handle and re-engineered for a better, easier fit
    • Enhanced acoustical absorption performance of 0.60aw for better acoustic comfort
    • Mix and match modules for increated flexibility and a more complete project solution
    • First tile and grid system to gain C2C certification
    • 30 year system warranty

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    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CAF5460MPN ARM 5460M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mm PLAT(16
    56CAF5460M ARM 5460M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mm BRD (16
    56CAF5464MCA ARM 5464M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mm CARR(16
    56CAF5464MBT ARM 5464M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mmB/MTN(16
    56CAF5462MCA ARM 5462M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mm CARR(16
    56CAF5462MBT ARM 5462M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mmB/MTN(16
    56CAF5461MCA ARM 5461M DUNE EVO 1200x600x15mm CARR(10
    56CAF5461MBT ARM 5461M DUNE EVO 1200x600x15mmB/MTN(10
    56CAF5460MCA ARM 5460M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mm CARR(16
    56CAF5460MBT ARM 5460M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mmB.MTN(16
    56CAF5481M ARM 5481M DUNE EVO DB 600x600x19 M/L( 8
    56CAF5479M ARM 5479M DUNE EVO DB 600x600x19 TEG( 8
    56CAF5477M ARM 5477M DUNE EVO DB 600x600x19 BRD( 8
    56CAF5475M ARM 5475M DUNE EVO MAX 600x600x18M/L(14
    56CAF5473M ARM 5473M DUNE EVO MAX 600x600x18TEG(14
    56CAF5472M ARM 5472M DUNE EVO MAX 1200x600x18BRD( 8
    56CAF5471M ARM 5471M DUNE EVO MAX 600x600x18BRD(14
    56CAF5465M ARM 5465M DUNE EVO 1200x600x15mm M/L(10
    56CAF5464MPN ARM 5464M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mm PLAT(16
    56CAF5464M ARM 5464M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mm M/L (16
    56CAF5463M ARM 5463M DUNE EVO 1200x600x15mm TEG(10
    56CAF5462MPN ARM 5462M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mm PLAT(16
    56CAF5462M ARM 5462M DUNE EVO 600x600x15mm TEG (16
    56CAF5461MPN ARM 5461M DUNE EVO 1200x600x15mm PLAT(10
    56CAF5461M ARM 5461M DUNE EVO 1200x600x15mm BRD (10