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      Insulation - Rigid Foam

    Ecotherm Eco-Versal (24E)

    Product Description:


    Applications include upgrading the thermal performance of existing building elements, providing a cost effective means of reducing CO2 emissions and for compliance with Building Regulations. Ideal for:

    • Floors
    • Pitched roofs/Cold flat roofs
    • Walls
    • Timber frame walls
    • Room-in-the-roof applications
    • Both new build and renovations


    Eco-Versal is rigid polyisocyanurate foam with aluminium foil composite on both sides. It is a universal high performance insulation used for pitched roofs, floors, dormer cheeks and ceilings.

    Eco-Versal features:

    • EcoTherm® Eco-Versal is zero ODP
    • Roofs insulated at rafter level create a warm roof; no pipe or tank lagging is required
    • EcoTherm® Eco-Versal allows traditional forms of construction without modern problems of condensation
    • Designers are not bound by the constraints of horizontal ceilings
    • Attic space can be transformed into warm usable living space.
    • EcoTherm® Eco-Versal can be used to insulate the roof and cheeks of dormers


    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    24EEV150 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x150mm BOARD
    24EEV140 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x140mm BOARD
    24EEV130 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x130mm BOARD
    24EEV125 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x125mm BOARD
    24EEV120 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x120mm BOARD
    24EEV110 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x110mm BOARD
    24EEV100 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x100mm BOARD
    24EEV090 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 90mm BOARD
    24EEV080 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 80mm BOARD
    24EEV075 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 75mm BOARD
    24EEV070 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 70mm BOARD
    24EEV060 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 60mm BOARD
    24EEV050 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 50mm BOARD
    24EEV045 ECOTHERM-ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 45mm BOARD
    24EEV040 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 40mm BOARD
    24EEV035 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 35mm BOARD
    24EEV030 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 30mm BOARD
    24EEV025 ECOTHERM ECO-VERSAL 2400x1200x 25mm BOARD

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