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      Raised Access Flooring

    Knauf GIFAfloor Dry Screed Floor Panels (59S)

    Product Description:

    Knauf GIFAfloor is a high quality, interlocking tongue and grooved floor board system, engineered using gypsum fibreboard technology and suitable for a wide range of projects. GIFAfloor is dimensionally stable with a density of 1500 – 1600 kg/m³ and an A1 fire rating. It offers single and double layer systems ideal for stone floors laid without the need for an additional de-bonding layer.

    One of the main applications of Knauf GIFAfloor panels is to create raised floors over pedestals with incredible strength and voids up to 1200mm high. However, it can also be used over underfloor heating systems or as an acoustic floor solution, where additional strength is required.

    • Load-bearing gypsum fibre panels
    • Ideal substrate for stone finishes
    • Dimensionally stable & robust
    • Engineered with tongue and groove edge profile
    • Suitable for partial access to void
    • Enhances underfloor heating system performance
    • Non-combustable A1 fire rating

    GIFAfloor creates a perfect substrate

    • Suitable for almost any finish
    • Ideal for stone, ceramic, and porcelain floors
    • Minimal preparation required No de-bonding layer needed
    • Extremely dimensionally stable

    There is a range of flooring accessories to complete the flooring system. The GIFAfloor Access Frame system accepts 600mm x 600mm access panels plus all frames and profiles have an adjustable floor.


    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    59SDFSUB181206 KN DRY SCREED UB18 1200x600x18mm
    59SDFSUB221206 KN DRY SCREED UB22 1200x600x22mm
    59SDFSUB18WF1206 KN DRY SCREED UB18WF 1200x600x28mm
    59SDFSFHB181206 KN DRY SCREED FHB18 1200x600x18mm
    59SDFSFHB381206 KN DRY SCREED FHB38 1200x600x38mm BOARD
    59SDFSFHB380606 KN DRY SCREED FHB38 600x600x38mm BOARD
    59SDFSFHB321206 KN DRY SCREED FHB32 1200x600x32mm BOARD
    59SDFSFHB320606 KN DRY SCREED FHB32 600x600x32mm BOARD
    59SDFSFHB281206 KN DRY SCREED FHB28 1200x600x28mm BOARD
    59SDFSFHB280606 KN DRY SCREED FHB28 600x600x28mm BOARD
    59SDFSFHB251206 KN DRY SCREED FHB25 1200x600x25mm BOARD
    59SDFSFHB250606 KN DRY SCREED FHB25 600x600x25mm BOARD
    59SDFSFHB18WF1206 KN DRY SCREED FHB18WF 1200x600x18mm
    59SDFSLEP131206 KN DRY SCREED LEP13 1200x600x13mm BOARD
    59SDFSDLH251206 KN DRY SCREED DLH25 1200x600x25mm BOARD