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      Ceiling Tile - Metal

    SAS System 600 Acoustic Lighting Raft (56CO)

    Product Description:

    System 600 is an acoustic lighting raft or module that is directly suspended from a flat structural soffit or in coffers allowing free air movement to the structural slab for natural cooling. Manufactured from metal the durable finish provides a cost effective solution while reducing life cycle costs.

    The rafts or modules are available in a range of curved, flat or angled profiles, or bespoke to suit project requirements. Within the range of budget designs System 600 can be supplied additionally with intelligent lighting. They can also be designed to carry normal M&E services, such as cabling, fire detection and control.

    A range of acoustic treatments is available to absorb sound both through the perforations in the face panel and reflected sound from the structural soffit onto the rear of the panel.

    The range of design options is endless with System 600. SAS have an enhanced range of modules and rafts that can be tailored to any environment.

    The experience we have gained working with architects and M&E consultants has enabled us to develop cost effective solutions by employing standing components, capital costs are reduced while still allowing project customisation.

    Luminaires and up-lighters are some of the different intelligent lighting options available to create natural lighting effects. With factory formed apertures integrating lighting and acoustic comfort in one unit further reduces capital and installation cost.


    Flat Designs

    Flat System 600 rafts and modules provide the ideal solution to many environments. Luminaires can be integrated within the raft or mounted independently between rafts.


    Curved Designs

    Curved System 600 rafts and modules allow a larger acoustic area to be incorporated into the design. The raft/module has an integrated central luminaire with acoustic pads to the larger outer surface area.


    Bespoke Designs

    System 600 rafts and modules can be designed and tailored to any project or environment. They can incorporate service ducts, removable panels for partitioning or any other specified services including fire detection and control systems. The rafts and modules are not limited to the flat or curved design. Bespoke designs can be angular, radial or waveform


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