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    Product Range:


    Product Type:

      Ceiling Tile - Soft Fibre

    Ecophon Hygiene (56CE)

    Product Description:

    Ensuring the required level of purity and cleanliness

    A proven performer in several hygienically and clinically demanding environments; Ecophon Hygiene and the complete systems shall fulfil even the toughest requirements. 


    • Safe and proven
    • Adaptable solutions
    • Cleanability


    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CEHMA24240615 ECO-HYG.MEDITEC A T24 2400x600x15mm (16)
    56CEHPTA24060620 ECO HYG.PROTEC A T24 600x600x20mm (20) CTN.
    56CEHPA24120620 ECO HYG.PERFORM A T24 1200x600x20mm (14) CTN.
    56CEHPA24060620 ECO HYG.PERFORM A T24 600x600x20mm (28) CTN.
    56CEHME24060615 ECO HYG.MEDITEC E T24 600x600x15mm (26) CTN.
    56CEHMA24120615 ECO HYG.MEDITEC A T24 1200x600x15mm (20) CTN.
    56CEHMA24060615 ECO HYG.MEDITEC A T24 600x600x15mm (40) CTN.
    56CEHLDS060620 ECO HYG.LABOTEC DS 600x600x20mm (20) CTN.
    56CEHFTA24120620 ECO HYG.FOODTEC A T24 1200x600x20mm (10) CTN.
    56CEHFTA24060640 ECO HYG.FOODTEC A T24 600x600x40mm (10) CTN.
    56CEHFTA24060620 ECO HYG.FOODTEC A T24 600x600x20mm (20) CTN.
    56CEHCA24060615 ECO HYG.CLINIC A T24 600x600x15mm (40)
    56CEHA24060640 ECO HYG.ADVANCE T24 600x600x40mm (14) CTN.
    56CEHA24060620 ECO HYG.ADVANCE T24 600x600x20mm (28) CTN.
    56CEHCE24060615 ECO HYG.CLINIC E T24 600x600x15mm (26)
    56CEHCA24120615 ECO HYG.CLINIC A T24 1200x600x15mm (20)
    56CEHAT120620 ECO HYG.ADVANCE TECH 1200x600x20mm (14) CTN.