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      Ceiling Tile - Soft Fibre

    Ecophon Gedina (56CE)

    Product Description:

    Presenting a true and established classic

    This dependable classic is an excellent choice when functional requirements are high and design possibilities limited. Ecophon Gedina has set the standard and will continue to be a benchmark in the acoustic ceiling business.


    • Standard solutions
    • Commeon demands
    • Well proven


    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CEGE24121215 ECO GEDINA E T24 1200x1200x15mm (10) CTN.
    56CEGE24120615 ECO GEDINA E T24 1200x 600x15mm (16) CTN.
    56CEGE24060615 ECO GEDINA E T24 600x 600x15mm (26) CTN.
    56CEGE15060615 ECO GEDINA E T15 600x 600x15mm (26) CTN.
    56CEGA1524121215 ECO GEDINA A T15/24 NE 1200x1200x15mm( 8 CTN.
    56CEGA1524120615 ECO GEDINA A T15/24 NE 1200x 600x15mm(20 CTN.
    56CEGA1524060615 ECO GEDINA A T15/24 NE 600x 600x15mm(40 CTN.
    56CEGE24090615 ECO-GEDINA E T24 900x 600x15mm (16)