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    Product Range:


    Product Type:

      Ceiling Tile - Mineral Fibre

    CEP Healthcare Plain (56CN)

    Product Description:

    Easy to handle, lightweight, with a self-sterilising, wipeable finish, Healthcare Plain is an extremely dependable ceiling tile - which is ideally suited to your healthcare sector application. Or in any instance where high standards of hygiene are a must. Healthcare Plain hygienic ceiling tiles feature a lightweight mineral baseboard, which enables easy handling whilst reducing damage.

    Key features of Healthcare Plain ceiling tiles:

    • Lightly textured finish
    • Washable finish with self sterilising and anti-bacterial properties
    • Lightweight, easy to handle baseboard
    • Excellent value for money
    • Can enable compliance with HTM guidelines
    • Cleanable, hygienic finish
    • Good light reflectance



    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CNA5623 CEP A5623 H'CARE PLAIN 600x600 S.TEG(10 CTN.
    56CNA5621 CEP A5621 H'CARE PLAIN 600x600 F.TEG(10 CTN.
    56CNA5603 CEP A5603 H'CARE PLN DB 600x600S.TEG(10) CTN.
    56CNA5601 CEP A5601 H'CARE PLN DB 600x600F.TEG(10) CTN.
    56CNB5622 CEP B5622 H'CARE PLAIN 1200x600 GP ( 8) CTN.
    56CNB5621 CEP B5621 H'CARE PLAIN 600x600 GP (12)
    56CNB5602 CEP B5602 H'CARE PLN DB 1200x600 GP ( 8) CTN.
    56CNB5601 CEP B5601 H'CARE PLN DB 600x600 GP (10) CTN.