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      Ceiling Tile - Mineral Fibre

    Burgess By System' Classcare (56CN)

    Product Description:


    As the name suggests, ideally for educational sector projects, Classcare ceiling tiles have a delicate textured finish and are available in a range of edge finishes to complement your design.

    Classcare’s fresh white finish helps to create a light and airy environment. A lightweight baseboard allows for easy handling and limits damage, whilst enhanced Class C absorption helps control reverberation.

    Classcare dB

    Classcare dB has a modern lightly textured finish and is ideally suited to areas requiring all round acoustic performance.

    Classcare also has excellent room to room sound attenuation properties for use where high privacy levels are required.

    The surface has micro perforations which virtually disappear when viewed in an installed condition, give the benefit of high acoustic absorption.


    Classcare19 is manufactured from a specially designed 19mm thick baseboard to provide a unique combination of both high acoustic absorption and sound attenuation.

    This enables a reduction in both reverberation times and an enhancement of speech privacy. Classcare19 has a lightly textured, contemporary finish with micro perforations.


    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CNA1741 BUR A1741 CLASSCARE 600x600 F.TEG(10) CTN.
    56CNA1740 BUR A1740 CLASSCARE 600x600 S.TEG(10) CTN.
    56CNA1731 BUR A1731 CLASSCARE DB 600x600 F.TEG(10) CTN.
    56CNA1730 BUR A1730 CLASSCARE DB 600x600 S.TEG(10) CTN.
    56CNA1720 BUR A1720 CLASSCARE 19 600x600 S.TEG(10)
    56CNB1706 BUR B1706 CLASSCARE 600x600 GP (12)
    56CNB1707 BUR B1707 CLASSCARE 1200x600 GP (10)
    56CNB1702 BUR B1702 CLASSCARE DB 600x600 GP (10) CTN.
    56CNB1720 BUR B1720 CLASSCARE 19 600x600 GP (10) CTN.