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    Product Type:

      Ceiling Grid, Suspension Systems

    Longline NL24 Exposed 24mm Suspended Ceiling Grid System (56GP)

    Product Description:

    Exposed 24mm suspended ceiling grid system.

    Longline, the "value" brand from Nevill Long, offers the contractor quality products and system solutions without compromise on performance.


    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56GPNL24MT36W NL24 MAIN TEE 24x38x3600mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNL24CRPT30W NL24 C/R PERIM.TRIM 32x19x3000mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNL24CRMT36W NL24 C/R MAIN TEE 24x38x3600mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNL2438CRCT12W NL24 C/R CROSS TEE 24x38x1200mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNL2438CRCT06W NL24 C/R CROSS TEE 24x38x 600mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNL2430JCT12W NL24 CROSS TEE JOGG 24x30x1200mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNL2430CT12W NL24 CROSS TEE BUTT 24x30x1200mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNL2425JCT06W NL24-CROSS TEE JOGG 24x25x 600mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNL2430JCT06W NL24 CROSS TEE JOGG 24x30x600mm WHITE
    56GPNL2430CT06W NL24 CROSS TEE BUTT 24x30x600mm WHITE
    56GPNLRJC1112 NL24 CROSS TEE JOGG 24x38x1200mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNLRJC1106 NL24 CROSS TEE JOGG 24x38x 600mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNLRBC1112 NL24 CROSS TEE BUTT 24x38x1200mm WHITE LEN.
    56GPNLRBC1106 NL24 CROSS TEE BUTT 24x38x 600mm WHITE LEN.