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      Acoustic Solutions, Ceiling Grid, Suspension Systems

    ROCKFON System MaxiSpan T24 A/E (56GH)

    Product Description:

    A unique and cost-efficient installation system for corridors where no hangers are suspended from the soffit. Instead, the ceiling is mounted on the walls.

    This is ideal for corridors with heavily serviced ceiling voids as it provides more flexibility and freedom to install and maintain the service installations since no hangers need fixing between the installations.

    MaxiSpan is ideal for use with wide planks giving the finished ceiling a more seemless appearance than traditional grids and also using less grid components.



    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56GHC85230001 ROC-C852-30-001 CROSS TEE 0.6M ECR LEN.
    56GH85030001 ROC-850-30-001 MAIN RUNNER 3.6M LEN.
    56GH380111120 ROC-380-111-120 CROSS TEE 1.2M (HOOK) LEN.
    56GH1438001 ROC-1438-001 PERIMETER ANGLE 3.05Mx32x19 LEN.