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    Product Type:

      Acoustic Solutions, Ceiling Grid, Suspension Systems

    Chicago Metallic T24 Click 2890 Installation System

    Product Description:

    • 24mm grid with universal main runner and joggled end cross tees
    • A strong and stable grid which can be easily demounted time and again
    • Used to create concealed, semi-concealed and exposed ceiling solutions
    • An audible 'click' for fast and accurate installations



    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56GC289430001X CHI-289430001 CROSS TEE T24 1.2M LEN.
    56GC289230001X CHI-289230001 CROSS TEE T24 0.6M LEN.
    56GC285430001X CHI-285430001 CROSS TEE T24 1.2M LEN.
    56GC280030001X CHI-280030001 MAIN RUNNER T24 3.6M LEN.
    56GC28943088 CHI 289430088 CROSS TEE T24 1.2M M.BLK
    56GC28923088 CHI 289230088 CROSS TEE T24 0.6M M.BLK
    56GC28003088 CHI 280030088 MAIN RUNN.T24 3.6M M.BLK
    56GC289630001 CHI 289630001 NEW CROSS TEE T24 1.8M
    56GC289430001 CHI 289430001 NEW CROSS TEE T24 1.2M
    56GC28923008 CHI-289230008 CROSS TEE T24 0.6M G.BLK LEN.
    56GC289230001 CHI 289230001 NEW CROSS TEE T24 0.6M
    56GC289130001 CHI 289130001 CROSS TEE T24 0.3M
    56GC285430001 CHI 285430001 NEW CROSS TEE T24 1.2M
    56GC285230001 CHI 285230001 NEW CROSS TEE T24 0.6M
    56GC28003008 CHI-280030008 MAIN RUNN.T24 3.6M G.BLK
    56GC280030001 CHI 280030001 NEW MAIN RUNNER T24 3.6M
    56GC2800S1R534 CHI 2800S1R534 MAIN RUNN.T24 3.6M B/ALUM
    56GC2894S3R06 CHI 2894S3R06 CROSS TEE T24 1.2M CONCRET
    56GC2892S3R06 CHI 2892S3R06 CROSS TEE T24 0.6M CONCRET
    56GC2800S1R06 CHI 2800S1R06 MAIN RUNN.T24 3.6M CONCRET
    56GC2894S3R60 CHI 2894S3R60 CROSS TEE T24 1.2M COPPER
    56GC2892S3R60 CHI 2892S3R60 CROSS TEE T24 0.6M COPPER
    56GC2800S1R60 CHI 2800S1R60 MAIN RUNN.T24 3.6M COPPER
    56GC2894S3R24 CHI 2894S3R24 CROSS TEE T24 1.2M CORK
    56GC2892S3R24 CHI 2892S3R24 CROSS TEE T24 0.6M CORK
    56GC2800S1R24 CHI 2800S1R24 MAIN RUNN.T24 3.6M CORK
    56GC2894S3R08 CHI 2894S3R08 CROSS TEE T24 1.2M ANTHRAC
    56GC2892S3R08 CHI 2892S3R08 CROSS TEE T24 0.6M ANTHRAC
    56GC2800S1R08 CHI 2800S1R08 MAIN RUNN.T24 3.6M ANTHRAC