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      Acoustic Solutions, Islands / Canopies

    Rockfon Eclipse (56CG)

    Product Description:

    Innovative and aesthetically pleasing, frameless acoustic islands.

    Rockfon Eclipse is an innovative acoustic island which offers new opportunities for correcting acoustics while bringing a whole new aesthetical dimension to the room. It can be used alone when a traditional suspended ceiling cannot be used (glass roof, historical buildings, etc.) or as a complement to an existing ceiling for retrofitting purposes.

    Trendy and stylish, Rockfon Eclipse is available in square or rectangular formats in order to bring a solution to any kind of room configuration. Frameless, it offers a minimalistic sharp edge underlined by a subtle and elegant bevel. Its smooth, white surface is very long-lasting and ensures a perfect reflection of light and heat (energy saving). Suspension accessories were also developed with design in mind. Modern and very sober they give the impression that the islands are floating in the air.

    Just like every other Rockfon solution, Rockfon Eclipse offers the highest performance in sound absorption and contributes to reducing reverberation time and ambient sound level. Rockfon Eclipse achieves the optimum level of acoustic comfort. Sound absorption is optimised thanks to the product absorbing on both sides. Rockfon Eclipse is made of stone wool and provides excellent resistance to fire and humidity.

    Rockfon Eclipse also provides acoustic correction to premises using thermal mass by enabling the air to flow freely in the room. Thanks to its numerous qualities, Rockfon Eclipse fully complies with stringent requirements in terms of protection of the Environment. It is recyclable and is also stamped with the Indoor Climate Label.

    Fast and easy to install, Rockfon Eclipse is a very competitive island solution.



    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CGEIR23601160 ROC ECLIPSE RECTANGLE 2360x1160x40 A (2)
    56CGEIC11601160 ROC ECLIPSE CIRCLE 1160x1160x40mm A (4)
    56CGEIC08000800 ROC ECLIPSE CIRCLE 800x 800x40mm A (4)
    56CGEIF17601160 ROC ECLIPSE FREEFORM 1760x1160x40 A (4)
    56CGEIH11601160 ROC ECLIPSE HEXAGON 1160x1160x40 A (4)
    56CGEIS116011604 ROC ECLIPSE SQUARE 1160x1160x40 A (4) CTN.
    56CGEIR176011604 ROC ECLIPSE RECTANGLE 1760x1160x40 A (4) CTN.