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    Product Range:


    Product Type:

      Acoustic Solutions, Ceiling Tile - Soft Fibre

    ROCKFON Blanka and Blanka Activity (56CG)

    Product Description:

    ROCKFON Blanka has a smooth, deep matt, super white surface with high light reflection and light diffusion, which contributes to energy savings and a bright and comfortable indoor environment.

    ROCKFON Blanka’s non-directional surface reduces installation time and the anti-static surface withstands exposure to site dust.

    The enhanced surface durability makes ROCKFON Blanka more resistant to dirt and everyday wear and tear, extending the product lifetime.

    Blanka Datasheet

    Blanka Activity Datasheet



    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CGBLAA060620 ROC BLANKA 600x 600x20mm A15/24 (24)
    56CGBLAX060622 ROC BLANKA 600x 600x22mm X (10)
    56CGBLAA120620 ROC BLANKA 1200x 600x20mm A15/24 (12)
    56CGBLAD060620 ROC BLANKA 600x 600x20mm D (10)
    56CGBLAE24060620 ROC BLANKA 600x 600x20mm E24 (12)
    56CGBLAX180622 ROC BLANKA 1800x 600x22mm X (10)
    56CGBLAX120622 ROC BLANKA 1200x 600x22mm X (10)
    56CGBLAM060620 ROC BLANKA 600x 600x20mm M (10)
    56CGBLAE24180620 ROC BLANKA 1800x 600x20mm E24 (8)
    56CGBLAE24121220 ROC BLANKA 1200x1200x25mm E24 (6)
    56CGBLAE24120620 ROC BLANKA 1200x 600x20mm E24 (12)
    56CGBLAE15120620 ROC BLANKA 1200x 600x20mm E15 (12)
    56CGBLAD180620 ROC BLANKA 1800x 600x20mm D (8)
    56CGBLAD120620 ROC BLANKA 1200x 600x20mm D (10)
    56CGBLAB120620 ROC BLANKA 1200x 600x20mm B (10)
    56CGBLAB060620 ROC BLANKA 600x 600x20mm B (10)
    56CGBLAE15060620 ROC BLANKA 600x 600x20mm E15 (12)
    56CGBLBB060640 ROC BLANKA ACTIVITY 600x600x40 B (5)
    56CGBLBA060640 ROC BLANKA ACTIVITY 600x600x40 A24 (10)
    56CGBLBC240640 ROC BLANKA ACTIVITY 2400x600x40 C (4)
    56CGBLBE060640 ROC BLANKA ACTIVITY 600x600x40 E24 (5)
    56CGBLBB120640 ROC BLANKA ACTIVITY 1200x600x40 B (5)
    56CGBLBA120640 ROC BLANKA ACTIVITY 1200x600x40 A24 (5)
    56CGBLCA060625 ROC BLANKA DB 35 600x600x25 A24 (22)
    56CGBLCE15060625 ROC BLANKA DB 35 600x600x25 E15 (6)
    56CGBLCE24120625 ROC BLANKA DB 35 1200x600x25 E24 (6)