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      Acoustic Solutions, Ceiling Tile - Soft Fibre

    Rockfon Scholar (56CG)

    Product Description:

    Complying with BB93 Acoustics for Schools and having impact resistant reinforced edges, Scholar is a tough, durable, fire safe and good whole life cost ceiling tile.

    Rockfon Scholar combines an attractive white painted finish with good impact resistance and specially covered strong edges which remain intact even when tiles are removed and reinstalled regularly. A tough concealed reinforcing mesh applied between the 100% stone wool and the finished surface acts as a resilient impact resistant membrane.

    Rockfon Scholar is available in long planks and large square modules, thereby not only reducing the number of grid components - saving time and money on installation - but also increasing the scope for more aesthetically pleasing and less traditional suspended ceiling appearance.

    The use of Rockfon Scholar can enhance the performance and durability of school application areas and can contribute to compliance with the needs of AD.E. and Building Bulletin 93, Acoustics for Schools. Scholar's high sound absorption ensures appropriate reverberation times (RT) in many areas and the speech intelligibility and more onerous requirements of open plan and hearing impaired teaching spaces. Scholar ceilings make a significant contribution to acoustic comfort in education sector spaces and the creation of ‘all inclusive’, flexible use, future proof buildings.

    Rockfon Scholar can be installed in RockLink exposed grid systems. Hold down clips can be fixed to the rear side of the tiles in order to keep them in place in the event of minor impacts.



    M4 Product Table

    Nevill Long Product Code Product Description Unit Type Quantity
    56CGSCA240640 ROC SCHOLAR 2400x600x40mm A24 ( 8) CTN.
    56CGSCA240620 ROC SCHOLAR 2400x600x20mm A24 (12) CTN.
    56CGSCA210620 ROC SCHOLAR 2100x600x20mm A24 (12) CTN.
    56CGSCA180640 ROC SCHOLAR 1800x600x40mm A24 ( 6)
    56CGSCA180620 ROC SCHOLAR 1800x600x20mm A24 (12) CTN.
    56CGSCA120640 ROC SCHOLAR 1200x600x40mm A24 (10) CTN.
    56CGSCA120620 ROC SCHOLAR 1200x600x20mm A24 (12) CTN.
    56CGSCA060640 ROC SCHOLAR 600x600x40mm A24 (20) CTN.
    56CGSCA060620 ROC SCHOLAR 600x600x20mm A24 (24)