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    Chicago Metallic® grid innovations from Rockfon

    29th September 2017

    To save time on site and make installations easier, Rockfon has made significant improvements to its popular range of Chicago Metallic high-performance grid systems and accessories.

    Flexible grid installation

    To provide flexibility without sacrificing on functionality, Rockfon has changed the slot distance on the Chicago Metallic T24 and T15 grids from 150mm to 100mm, giving six slots on every main runner per 600mm module, instead of just four. This saves installation time and reduces the need for on-site or adhoc solutions around service installations.

    Modern and functional packaging

    Chicago Metallic grid systems are now packaged in new and improved boxes making them easier to carry, open and identify in both the warehouse and on site. Each box now weighs less than 20kg and can be carried by just one person. A unique two-sided tear strip incorporated into the packaging allows the boxes to open quickly and neatly without the use of tools. The boxes can be resealed and reused to store any excess grid. Extra end protection built into the boxes safeguard the grid during transit and storage.

    Easy to mount light frame

    Made exclusively for the Rockfon System T24 X edge concealed ceiling, the easy-to-mount light frame securely fits in to the grid providing the ideal design solution for standard light fixtures and ventilation services. It fits neatly with the X-edge tiles and other services, creating an aesthetic ceiling design. The light frame is available in 600 x 600mm size and can be installed either before or after the light and ventilation installation. Offering choice and flexibility, the frame is compatible with a wide variety of standard light solutions.

    Securing the ceiling design

    Easy to install, the Wall Spring FIXT is the perfect solution to secure perimeter tiles. Built to accommodate multiple edge tiles, the best results are achieved using semi-concealed or concealed edges because the grid is recessed.

    The Wall Spring FIXT is securely held in place and safeguards the tile by applying uniform pressure from the side of the wall profile keeping the tile in place, leaving no gaps between the perimeter tiles and the suspension system.  The functional design of the Wall Spring FIXT means it can be installed during or after the installation. It can also be safely removed and re-installed when access to the plenum or services is required.

    Hold down clips

    Rockfon has created three unique hold down clips to prevent ceiling tiles from becoming misplaced during either dismounting, cleaning, impact or on sloped installations. Each hold down clip is specifically designed with a large point of contact to ensure that even pressure is kept on the ceiling tiles without damaging them. These plastic clips provide enhanced corrosion resistance and can accommodate several types of tile thickness and edge.

    Hassle-free corner caps

    New Rockfon corner caps for W profile (shadow moulding wall angle) save time and create a perfect finish. The corner caps enable installers to achieve neat, finished corners without gaps using W8x12 and W10x15 profiles.

    The versatile 15mm wide flat corner cap can be used for both sides of Rockfon W profiles. The W profile accommodates up to five different edge types, all indicated by printed labels on the inside of the profile. The stepped corner caps can be used for the W8x12W profile in combination with out E-edge tile with 8mm step recess.

    Thanks to the sturdy construction of the W profiles, the stepped corner caps ensure that the finishing of the W profile is elegant and smooth, even when cut straight with a knife.